THAICOM 4 is a multiple spot beam bent-pipe satellite without on-board regenerative payload. The combination of innovative ground and space technologies allow the delivery of cost-effective satellite broadband for any location without access to terrestrial infrastructures. THAICOM 4 is the first high throughput satellite ever launched.

The THAICOM 4 broadband satellite system is composed of a gateway earth station communicating over the satellite to provide broadband packet-switched communications to a large number of user terminals with network star configuration.

Traditional satellite technology utilizes a broad single beam to cover entire continents and regions. With the introduction of multiple, narrowly focused spot beams and frequency reuse, THAICOM 4 is capable of maximizing the available frequency for transmissions; thus improving efficiencies and increasing bandwidth by a factor of twenty compared to traditional Ku-band satellites.


Manufacturer Space Systems Loral
Orbital Slot 119.5° East
Design Life 15 Years
Attitude Control 3-Axis Stabilized, Momentum-Bias System
Launch Mass 6,505 Kg
Launch Date August 2005
Number of Beams
84 Ku-Spot Beams (2-way)
8 Ku-Spot Beams (Augment) (2-way)
3 Ku-Shaped Beams (2-way)
7 Ku-Broadcast Beams (1-way)

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